Aerosols, Clouds, Precipitation and Climate (ACPC) 2021 Workshop

The ACPC 2021 annual workshop will be held on May 24-28, 2021. This year’s meeting will discuss progress towards research roadmaps in the sub-topics of marine shallow cloud systems and deep convective systems, as well as progress on other relevant ACPC topics. There will be two sessions for shallow clouds (May 24th and May 25th) and two sessions for deep clouds (May 26th and May 27th), with an additional session for discussion/SSC activities on May 28th, 2021.

Here we would like to invite you to submit titles of talks, via email to Minghuai Wang ( The deadline for titles of talks will be April 30th, 2021.

Workshop dates: May 24-28, 2021 (13:00-16:00 UTC)

Workshop venue: This workshop will be a virtual meeting (the platform will be announced later).

Deadline for submitting talk titles: April 30th, 2021